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Hello there.

I'm Nicholas, a UX and Product Design
student at the University of Minnesota.

My passion for UX is second to none.
Don't hesitate to reach out!

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My Projects


This 5-week Studio project was focused on an application creation within the realm of "outdoors."  It has a heavy focus on User Research, Journey Map, and Iterative UX Development

Marathon Running App PNG_Page_08.png
Marathon Running App PNG_Page_01.png
Piper Drink System

This 6-week Studio project focused on creating a physical drink maker. I decided to focus on children's nutrition and encouraging healthy habits and education on what they're eating. The Piper Drink System goes beyond the making of the drink to engage children in an entire educational process.

Piper Drink System PNG_Page_01.png
Lotus Custom Homes Website

This semester-long project consisted of building a web site from start to finish. It was an exercise in Market/Competitor research, ideating and wireframing in Figma, then coding via CSS & HTML. 

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Lotus Custom Homes PNG_Page_06.png
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Other Work!

In an effort to improve my Adobe Creative Suite and Figma skills I took up the personal project of Daily UI.


This work and other works are linked with Dribbble

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Thanks for stopping by!

Check out some more of my work below

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